TAP Listservs

  • TAP Announce - Announcement-only Google group for professionals who want to remain informed of upcoming meetings and events as well as for members who want a low volume list. Only moderator will post.
  • Takoma-AP - Yahoo group for members to discuss current issues, questions, and concerns. Members can coordinate playgroups, hikes, and other activities. Includes announcements of upcoming meetings and events.
  • TAPorganization - Yahoo group for members who wish to be involved with planning and organizational issues.

Local and Online Attachment Parenting Resources

Don't see your favorite attachment parenting-related resource listed here? Email us at webmaster@takoma-ap.org and we'll add it! 

Note that our goals are to provide information and build community, and not to promote political action or primarily commercial entities.

Attachment Parenting (General)

Mothering - forums and articles
Natural Child Project - articles, research, and information



Birth Options Alliance - information clearinghouse of local options


Kellymom - evidence-based information on breastfeeding and nutrition
La Leche League International - forums and articles; many local chapters

Cloth Diapering


Mother-Baby Behavioral Sleep Laboratory - information on safe co-sleeping


Holistic Moms - health and green living; chapters in DC, Arlington, Fairfax

Neighborhood Parents' Listservs

PG Parents - Yahoo group
TakomaPAKK - Yahoo group

Parenting Skills

Capital Nonviolent Communication - offers workshops and camps
Parent Encouragement Program (PEP) - offers parenting workshops

TAP Speakers

Emory Luce Baldwin - parenting educator and columnist
NotJustSkin - Ryan McAllister